Sunday, June 18, 2006

Hooray for Whalers - A 'commentary'

Yes those corpulent colossals with fat that burns like oil are ready to be hunted, said several small nations who lacked the voting power to actually overturn the 20-year-old moratorium on killing whales for profit. But this was an important initial victory for them because now Fox News can report it to their neoconservative christian (read: fascist) base. And we know religious zealots like killing things. And by things I mean everything. God's way if you think about it. I mean, what do we say when someone dies but "It's God's will." So in killing everything on this earth we are acting in God's image. Nevermind that Jesus was a total pussy and that's why God sent him down to Earth to learn a thing or to by dying. Back to whale-killing though: Hooray! Next up, manatees: the retards of the sea. (new rule: if you're not smart enough to stay clear of an outboard motor then you deserve to go extinct.)

Nature abides by survival of the fittest say scientists. Many creationists think that they cannot use such pithy "factual" statements but I'm here to show you that "natural selection" works in your favour! Let me explain in theatrical form. That way I can prove to you that a) christians can benefit from science (your viagra and your wife's antidepressents notwithstanding) and b) theatre is a good gay thing (i know i can't convince you about marriage but i'll try later).


The point is, dying is a natural order of life. If things die its because they can't compete with other things. Like rocks competing with water. Obviously the Colorado River won (over the course of the great flood of course) against sandstone. And in the process of killing whales we get heating oil to make Christina Ricci look younger, delicious blubber to make cattle feed, aphrodisiacs to give japanese men erections, and their tonsils to make "gentle" alarm clocks for Hammacher Schlemmer: wake up to whale mating songs. yay!

So onward fascist soldiers and give those heathen animal bastards a dose of the Bible. We are gods unto this earth, so sayeth the Lord. Personally I'm just looking forward to the Hartford Whalers getting reintroduced to the NHL (you know, that hockey league that all the Canadians seem to be into because they aren't really good at any other sports.)


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